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What are people saying about Dr Shosky?

My name is Cyndy and I have Parkinson’s Disease. I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Shosky for several months. She not only gave me cranial treatments, she treated me head-to-toe so that I could maximize the positive impact of the treatment. Her reassuring bedside manner helped me remain calm through out the sessions. Dr. Shosky is knowledgeable, but is not afraid to look up answers if she is unsure. My only regret is that she moved so far away.


Age 64, La Belle, MO

My initial therapeutic experience with Dr. Shosky was during her intern year at KCOM. I was seeing another osteopathic physician at the time, for issues with insomnia, anxiety and pain. I had been dealing with multiple stress factors, including medical school and intensive military training. Dr. Shosky worked along with the other physician and gave me an osteopathic treatment that brought me to such a calming and relaxed state with my nervous system, that I was able to regulate my sleep, anxiety and pain. With several treatments and appropriate prioritization and follow-up, I was able to control my symptoms and succeed in medical school. Dr. Shosky went on to be one of my most valuable mentors during my time in Kirksville, and has inspired me to study some of the potent therapeutic forces at work in the human body. She is talented, patient, and skilled at treating a variety of illnesses and imbalances in the nervous system and beyond. Judy

Age 36, New Jersey

Shana Shosky is a natural healer. Just being in her presence feels special. When she places her hands on you, you experience your own health in a way that causes real change. B. Wong

Board Certified Family Physician

Dr. Shosky has treated me, my children and grandchildren and all have been very satisfied with every treatment. Dr. Shosky’s treatments have been through and effective. She has been able to treat all ages with great competence. I highly recommend Dr. Shosky for all ages and without reservation. WJM


Dr. Shosky is truly one of a kind! I was a regular patient in 2014 and 2015 until she moved. There are honestly not enough kind words to say about this amazing lady. She is so caring and compassionate and you are more than just a patient to her. My case wasn’t simple and she diligently worked to figure out what was going on to provide relief. She is very blessed in her skills as a d.o. and I honestly feel like anyone that has the opportunity to work with Dr. Shosky won’t regret it. Kara


Dr Shosky was very good. She always checked you all over and tryed to fix everything for you. She gave one of the best treatments I ever had. We was very sorry to see her leave our area. Peggy

Age 75, Kirksville, MO

Working with Shana was the most complete and heart-opening healthcare experience of my life. If I lived at all closer-by, I would go back for more sessions as often as possible. Phoebe

Age 28, Futaleufú, Chile

I’d been trying to get pregnant for a few months when I went to Shana for treatment. I got pregnant the following week. It was amazing!

Age 30, Massachusetts

I have a knee injury and after only a couple sessions with Dr. Shosky, the pain was alleviated; and with additional follow-up sessions she helped my body realign so that my body’s healing process improved. Joshua

Age 40, Limassol, Cyprus

I have had the privilege of receiving several treatments from Dr. Shosky. Her gentle healing methods coax your inner being to activate wellness. Though my treatments are infrequent due to distance, after each treatment I’ve received I’ve felt energized and intuned with my body and soul.


Age 35, Limassol, Cyprus

I was treated a number of times by Dr Shosky for a chronic neck condition and after the treatments I was able to move my head and shoulder region with a lot more ease and substantially less pain. Her gentle treatment and demeanor was very calming and help me accept my current condition as well as work towards betterment.


Age 32, Essen, Germany